Can you have a hot tub inside the house? Is a hot tub indoors a good idea?

Olivia Cirocco
 | April 18, 2024

A hot tub is on the wish list of many homeowners. The idea of sinking into a warm, bubbly spa at the end of a long day is a luxury dream. But, have you ever considered the possibility of a hot tub nestled right inside your home?

It’s definitely an intriguing idea, and at GIA Renovations, we’ve been noticing this indulgent trend growing in popularity. Let’s dive headfirst into what it takes to integrate this relaxing experience within the very comfort of your home.

The essentials of indoor hot tubs

Bringing the hot tub experience indoors goes beyond simply a lavish affair of indulgence; it’s about crafting a personal sanctuary of relaxation.

Indoor hot tubs are privileged with protection against external elements that makes them a year-round retreat, regardless of the weather outside. But, to integrate a hot tub into your home requires meticulous planning and a thorough understanding of the various elements.

Getting the space and structure right

First and foremost, we need to ensure your home can physically accommodate a hot tub. Hot tubs are hefty pieces, and that’s before they’ve even been filled with water and people! It becomes essential to ensure that your floor structure can bear this weight.

The other critical factor is sizing and how the dimensions of the hot tub will match within your interior space. Keeping in mind the size of your space and choosing the right fit of hot tub can make the concept perfectly blend in with your home. Have a look at our guide for ideas on optimizing your space.

Ventilation and humidity

One of the other big considerations is the warmth and the steam generated by the hot tub. Without adequate ventilation, humidity can cause damp issues, leading to structural and health problems. That’s why a strong ventilation system is needed.

hot tub for inside the house

Ventilation plays a crucial role in preserving your home’s integrity and ensuring your comfort. If you’re conducting an overall renovation of your bathroom and want to add a hot tub in this area, we can help, as we specialise in bathroom renovations. Regardless of where you place your hot tub, ensure ventilation is adequate.

Understanding the plumbing requirements

Plumbing is the backbone of an indoor hot tub: you need a strong water supply, as well as an efficient drainage system. It’s absolutely crucial to ensure your current plumbing setup can accommodate the additional demands of a hot tub.

At GIA Renovations, we can ensure work is carried out by skilled tradespeople to seamlessly integrate your hot tub into the plumbing systems.

Maintaining the indoor oasis

Upkeep of an indoor hot tub is as vital as having one. Regular cleaning and water treatment are not just tools to make your tub look sparkling clean, but also ensure a healthy environment in and around your home. An indoor hot tub is destined to be more than just a functional addition; it should ideally enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.

This is where your personal style can come to the fore. From the design of the tub to the materials used, each can play a role in transforming your space into a haven of tranquility right in the heart of your home.

Evaluating the costs

An indoor hot tub undeniably represents an investment. Expenses include the hot tub itself, the installation process, and any additional structural adjustments that may be required to accommodate it. The key here is to balance the cost of the hot tub installation against the value it adds to your home and your lifestyle in general.

Don’t forget the wellness factor

Beyond the obvious luxury they represent, hot tubs can offer tangible health benefits such as stress relief and improved sleep patterns. With an indoor hot tub, these benefits become instantly accessible. Whether day or night, sun or rain, a relaxing soak could be just a couple of steps away.

The privacy that an indoor hot tub offers is unparalleled. It serves as a personal hideaway, a sanctuary cut off from the outside world that is always ready and waiting for you whenever you need some downtime.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

Venturing into the world of indoor hot tubs is an exciting journey and one that we at GIA Renovations are eager to accompany you on. Our emphasis is upon creating a space that doesn’t just look stunning, but also enriches your life.

Don’t take our word for it—check out our before and after collection to get a feel for our work. Time for an indoor hot tub? If you’re contemplating this luxurious and wellness-boosting addition to your home, get in touch with us now—we’ll be able to guide you through every step of the process.

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Olivia Cirocco

Design Manager

As a Bachelor of Interior Architecture graduate of The University of South Australia, Olivia has gained extensive experience in the field. In addition to developing critical analysis skills, Olivia learned how to implement creative, environmentally and socially sustainable settings. Using these techniques she has since enjoyed specialising as a bathroom and kitchen designer.


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