Maximizing Your Space: Modern Bathroom Facts that you need to know

Illan Elberg
 | September 15, 2021

A lot of times, people often have a hard time finding the right place to stay. The most common reason why some people leave apartments or rented spaces is because some rooms lack the spacing they need. Believe it or not, not all hope is lost when it comes to having small spaces in your rooms.

The Bathroom for one, demands a more spacious layout because of the pipes and water inside the room. You may think that a bathroom simply isn’t good. Nevertheless, there are plenty of remodeling methods you can do for your modern bathroom. Here are some facts about your bathroom that you might want to know about.


You can save a lot of money if you plan out what you’ll be using and buying to make your bathroom better. Here are some accessories you can use to maximize that small space.

1. Using a corner sink. Sinks configured to fit in the corner of the bathroom can save a lot of space for your bathroom. Since pedestal sinks can also take a lot of room in tiny bathrooms.

2. Use a shower curtain or sliding shower door. Pivot or hinged shower doors will not function well in modern bathrooms. Alternatively, shower curtains or a sliding glass shower door would be better.

3. Vanity with rounded corners.  Prevent being bruised with round-cornered vanity. Vanities with sharp edges can be dangerous in small spaces.

4. Extend the counter over the toilet. Maximize effectiveness by having an extra counter extended from the vanity, over the adjacent toilet.

5. Tiling with large-scale patterns. Wide stripes, large squares, and broad patterns can fool the eye, making the modern bathroom appear big.

6. Mirror the entire wall. Having a mirror attached to the whole bathroom wall behind the bathroom vanity can be used by two persons at the same time.

7. Attach a towel bar behind the door.  Bathrooms have limited space, mounting a reachable towel bar behind the boor can save up a lot of space.

8. Use a trough sink. You can save up plenty of floor space for storage with a trough sink mounted on a wall.

9. Vanity with open shelves. The swinging doors of a bathroom vanity can get in the way especially in a tight-space bathroom. Having open shelves can offer for better storage.

10. Have the faucet wall-mounted. Wall-mounted vanity means that you can have a smaller bathroom vanity, freeing up so much space in a bathroom


There are four types of bathrooms that you could categorize the bathroom you’re going to be remodeling. Knowing these four types of bathrooms will help you plan more realistically.

Powder Room

Larger homes usually have a powder room or half-bath with no more than a toilet, a sink, and a door for privacy. Guests and family members use the bathroom for convenience if they don’t need to use a full bathroom. Remodeling of a powder room can be quite fast due to it having a limited amount of fixtures and being small in size.

Full Bathroom

A full bath is any bathroom that has a full range of bathroom fixtures and accessories such as the toilet, vanity, a tub or shower, and sink. It is a type of bathroom used daily by family members. If a home has two or more full baths, one may be called the master bathroom, while the rest is for the children and other family members.

Being large and spacious, a full bathroom almost always has the bigger budget during remodeling projects. The budget for your full bath can influence your choice of materials, fixtures, and accessories.

Guest Bathroom

A bathroom that also has a full range of bathroom fixtures and accessories such as a toilet, sink, shower, or a shower-tub combination. It is also used occasionally, only when guests visit. A child’s full bathroom can become a guest bath for some empty-nest homes.

Since this type of bath is used sporadically, homeowners prefer to use economy bathroom materials, fixtures, and accessories which significantly reduce the costs. You can also take your time remodeling because it’s a secondary bathroom, which will also cut your expenses.

Master Bathroom

A bathroom with a complete range of amenities for everyday use. Homes that have two or more full baths have one master bathroom, and the term ‘master’ means that it’s for the homeowner’s daily use.

However, if a home only has one bathroom, that one bath will serve as the master bathroom, no matter what the size of the bathroom is. Since this is a significant room, homeowners could spend more money on materials, fixtures, accessories to guarantee its quality, durability, and attractiveness.


You also have to consider who will be using this bathroom, for you to plan the features you’ll need for your fixtures and accessories.

Personal Use

If a modern bathroom happens to be the master bathroom, you will be using this for all your hygiene activities. You might want to spend lavishly on higher-end materials, storage cabinets as well as bathroom vanity with more cabinets. Eventually, you’ll be using this almost every day.


Bathrooms dedicated for the kids have to last long from daily use and abuse. When it comes to preferences, younger children often go for tubs rather than standing showers. The flooring of the bathroom should be the priority since children can flood the bath with water just by exiting the tub.

It is essential to have good durable materials, fixtures, accessories and waterproofed floors and walls. It’s also important to have decent storage.

Elderly Or Disabled

When you have someone living in the house with a disability or someone who’s elderly, you may need to be more precise when remodelling your bathroom. Your plans will require you some additional accessories and enhanced features such as non-slip flooring, lower counters, and grab bars.

If there’s still more space in the small bath, you could also add-in a walk-in tub, which could be of great help to the elderly or person with disabilities.

Day Or Night Guests

Bathrooms for day or overnight guests doesn’t have to have the most elegant designs. For this bathroom, you can go simple and clean. Guests will appreciate it and will have an idea of you take care of your home just by looking and using your bathroom.


You have the choice whether you want to remodel the bathroom yourself or with the help of reliable experts. You can depend on the assessment and the capabilities of your skills, but also the availability of your time and budget.

If you have sufficient knowledge with DIY stuff and the bathroom is the master bathroom, then you could hire reliable experts such as bathroom renovations contractor in Melbourne. A quick and precise remodeling is always worth the cost.

On the other hand, if you have advanced DIY skills and your home has one or more available bathrooms, then you could take your time to do all the work by yourself. One advantage of this is that you could take your time to find and buy all the materials, fixtures, and accessories for your bathroom, reducing the costs for remodeling.


A modern bathroom may be short on space but make no mistake, you can make the most out of it. There are also varieties of designs, styles, and layouts for small bathrooms that you can buy. In addition, you also have to consider the many possible purposes of having a small and modern bathroom you’re going to be remodeling before.

Plan and choose carefully to achieve the best results for your bathroom. Once you get a good look at your small space, you can start building it up to be the best bathroom you can possibly have.

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