Maximizing Your Space: Modern Bathroom Facts that you need to know

Illan Elberg
 | September 15, 2021

Navigating small spaces in your living quarters can often present a challenge. This is particularly true when it comes to the bathroom, a space that requires careful planning due to its intricate plumbing and need for functionality.

However, there’s no need to despair if your bathroom lacks square footage. With modern small bathroom designs, you can create an inviting, efficient space that meets all your needs.

If you’re struggling with a lack of space, here are some small modern bathroom ideas that can transform your room from cramped to comfortable. While the traditional bathroom may demand more space because of the plumbing and water systems, today’s modern small bathrooms are cleverly designed to make the most of every square inch.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of a modern small bathroom design is its ability to maximise utility in a compact space. This type of design is all about ensuring every element of the bathroom serves a specific purpose while also maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

So, if you’re thinking about revamping your tiny bathroom spaces, consider exploring modern small bathroom designs. Not only will they provide you with practical solutions for your spatial challenges, but they’ll also add a sleek, contemporary feel to your home. With modern small bathroom ideas, no living space is ever truly too small!

When it comes to small modern bathrooms, accessories make all the difference

Perfecting your modern small bathroom design can feel like solving a complex puzzle. However, the following innovative and compact design ideas can help you to make the most of your bathroom space, creating an efficient and luxurious sanctuary within the constraints of a small footprint.

1 – Bath and Shower Integration 

By merging the bathing and showering zones within the same area, you seamlessly amalgamate wet spaces, efficiently utilising available square footage. This design approach not only streamlines the bathroom layout but also adds a sense of cohesion and openness, dispelling the notion of spatial constraints. 

2 -Lighter Coloured Finishes

Opting for lighter hues in your bathroom’s finishes imparts an sense of expansiveness. These shades reflect more light and create an airy atmosphere that amplifies the perceived dimensions of the space. The result is a bathroom that feels larger, brighter, and more inviting.

3 – Introduction of Windows or Skylights 

Integrating windows or skylights into your small bathroom introduces natural light, which is a potent tool in visually expanding the area. The influx of sunlight eradicates shadows and dark corners, contributing to an ambiance that feels less confined and more welcoming. This connection to the outdoors not only elevates the aesthetics but also uplifts the overall mood of the space.

4 – Sliding Shower Door

In the context of small modern bathroom ideas, the choice of your shower door can make a world of difference. A pivot or hinged shower door may not be ideal for small spaces, while a sliding glass door can give a sleek look and save crucial floor space.

5 – Choose a Vanity with Rounded Corners

Safety and style go hand in hand in a modern small bathroom design. Vanities with sharp corners can be hazardous in a restricted area, whereas those with rounded corners can add aesthetic appeal while reducing the risk of injuries.

6 – Play with Large-scale Patterned Tiling

Large patterns and broad stripes can play tricks on the eye, making the bathroom seem larger than it is. Selecting large squares or wide striped tiles can add depth and visual interest to your small bathroom.

7 – Wall-to-wall Mirrors 

Installing a mirror across the entire wall behind the vanity can enhance the perception of space in your bathroom. Plus, it can facilitate simultaneous use by multiple persons, adding an element of practicality.

8 – Mount a Towel Bar Behind the Door 

Mounting a towel bar behind the bathroom door is one of the small modern bathroom ideas that can free up wall and floor space. This is an ideal solution for keeping towels at hand while maintaining a tidy appearance.

9 – Wall-mounted tap

Lastly, consider the addition of a wall-mounted tap. This element allows for a more compact vanity design, freeing up valuable counter space and contributing to a clean and modern small bathroom design.

These ideas can serve as a starting point, offering versatile solutions that can adapt to a variety of styles and preferences. Remember, designing a small modern bathroom is about finding a balance between functionality and aesthetics, aiming to create a space that feels both spacious and luxurious.


Broadly speaking, there are six types of bathrooms that you might be remodelling. Knowing these six types of bathrooms will help you plan more realistically.

Powder Room

Larger homes usually have a powder room or half-bath with no more than a toilet, a sink, and a door for privacy. Guests and family members use the bathroom for convenience if they don’t need to use a full bathroom. Remodelling a powder room can be quite fast due to it having a limited amount of fixtures and being small in size.

Full Bathroom

A full bath is any bathroom that has a full range of bathroom fixtures and accessories such as the toilet, vanity, a tub or shower, and sink. It’s a type of bathroom used daily by family members. If a home has two or more full baths, one may be called the master bathroom, while the rest is for the children and other family members.

Being large and spacious, a full bathroom almost always has the bigger budget during remodelling projects. The budget for your full bath can influence your choice of materials, fixtures, and accessories.

Guest Bathroom

This is a bathroom that also has a full range of bathroom fixtures and accessories such as a toilet, sink, shower, or a shower-tub combination. It’s also used occasionally, only when guests visit. A child’s full bathroom often becomes a guest bath for some empty-nest homes.

Since this type of bath is used sporadically, homeowners prefer to use economy bathroom materials, fixtures, and accessories which significantly reduce the costs. You can also take your time remodelling because it’s a secondary bathroom, which will also cut your expenses.

Master ensuite / bathroom

This is a bathroom with a complete range of amenities for everyday use. Homes that have two or more full baths have one master bathroom, and the term ‘master’ means that it’s for the homeowner’s daily use.

However, if a home only has one bathroom, that one bath will serve as the master bathroom, no matter what the size of the bathroom is. Since this is a significant room, homeowners could spend more money on materials, fixtures and accessories to guarantee its quality, durability, and attractiveness.


Bathrooms dedicated for the kids have to sustain a lot of daily use and abuse. When it comes to preferences, younger children often go for tubs rather than standing showers.

The flooring of the bathroom should be the priority, since children tend to flood the room and generally make a bit of a mess! It’s essential to have good durable materials, fixtures, accessories and waterproofed floors and walls – it’s also important to have decent storage.

Elderly or Disabled

When you have someone with a disability or someone who’s elderly living in the house, you may need to be more meticulous when remodelling your bathroom.

You’ll require some additional accessories and enhanced features such as non-slip flooring, lower counters, and grab bars. If there’s still more space in the small bath, you could also add-in a walk-in tub, which could be of great help to those concerned.

Small Modern Bathroom Design Ideas: DIY vs. Professional, or a Combination of the Two?

When it comes to renovating your modern small bathroom, it’s important to consider whether you want to take the DIY route or enlist the help of seasoned experts. Both options depend on a variety of factors including your proficiency with DIY tasks, available time, budget, and the nature of the bathroom being renovated.

For those with an abundance of DIY know-how looking to revamp the master bathroom, it may be wise to enlist the aid of reliable professionals like a bathroom renovations contractor in Melbourne. When it comes to modern small bathroom design, their expertise ensures a swift and accurate remodel that is worth the expense.

Alternatively, if you have a knack for DIY projects and there are additional bathrooms in your home, it could be more practical to personally take on the renovation of your modern small bathroom. This approach not only allows you to take your time in sourcing and purchasing all the necessary materials, fixtures, and bathroom accessories, but also offers the opportunity to reduce the overall renovation costs.

Ultimately, both avenues can lead to impressive small modern bathroom ideas coming to life, transforming ordinary bathroom spaces into a haven of contemporary design. Whether you choose to hire professionals or do it yourself, your modern small bathroom design should reflect your style, preference and budget.

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas: What’s the takeaway?

A modern bathroom may be short on space, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality and style. There are plenty of varieties in designs, styles, and layouts for small bathrooms.

In addition, be sure to consider the many possible purposes of the small and modern bathroom you’re going to be remodelling, including who will be using the bathroom. That way, you can effectively plan the features, fixtures and accessories necessary to create a luxurious bathroom that truly meets your space, style, and functionality needs.

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