Follow These Pointers to Make Your Kitchen Interior Design Project a Success

Olivia Cirocco
 | September 15, 2021

It’s essential to get your appliances, space, and work surfaces in mind when you’re planning your kitchen. You’ll make the most out of your kitchen if you make sure that everything’s in the right places after you’re done with redesigning project.

Since kitchen designs and trends tend to change every year, thorough planning for a kitchen remodel is vital. That being said, here are some pointers to take into consideration to upgrade your game in designing an awesome kitchen interior design.


You’ll need to have an interior designer or kitchen designer that you can rely on. An expert should always see eye to eye with your output. Find a reliable kitchen designer that has a good relationship with contractors, engineers, architects, furniture dealers, and craftsmen so your options on designs won’t be limited.

You have to consider the standards of a good kitchen designer because you’ll be entrusting them your money, time, and kitchen. Following this, there are home improvement companies that specialise in kitchen designs near you. We are willing to help with your kitchen designing needs. All you have to do is to give them all the specifications that you need.


Well-outlined kitchen space is part of a kitchen designer’s job, but if you’re planning on the do-it-yourself route, you have to make sure you get the following:

Are The Placements Of Appliances Convenient For You?

You have to consider how and where you use each of your kitchen items for you to be able to place them in a convenient location. For instance, cups should be near the instant boiling water tap or teapot. Breakfast cereal containers, fridge, and bowls should be near the kitchen island or breakfast table.

Furthermore, if you plan to have a hob on your kitchen island, you should include a prep sink. With prep sinks, you don’t have to walk back and forth across the kitchen with hot pans just to reach the main drain. Also, one benefit of having a prep sink is that it allows two people to prepare a meal without bumping into each other.

Are The Gaps Between The Cabinetry Running Wide Enough?

If you’re planning to have a galley kitchen or install a kitchen island, make sure you have sufficient workspace and walking space between them. You should provide at least 1 metre for walkways between the kitchen island and cabinetry.

Further, the path between the workspaces should be 1.25 metres so you can have enough space for foot traffic. You could also have L-shaped or U-shaped layouts to make your galley kitchen more practical.

Is The Direction Of The Traffic Correct?

Majority of the kitchens often overlook a garden or will lead you to other rooms, hence it’s essential that you get the passages between the different areas of the kitchen correctly. That is if you’re planning to design an open plan kitchen, diner, and living room or a family kitchen.

Preferably, the kitchen layout should appear natural, but you also have to make sure that family members don’t use the cooking zone as an access route to other rooms. You don’t want the children to accidentally hit the panhandles as they run around.


The right choice of colour for your kitchen cabinet will help set the ambience of your kitchen. You have to consider the amount of natural light coming in from the window, and where the kitchen will sit in the house.

If your kitchen interior design involves a small dining room, then it’s a good idea to use lighter shades for your kitchen. Having light-coloured cabinets will reflect the sunlight and spread it throughout the kitchen, making the room look and feel bigger.

However, if you have darker-coloured cabinetry in a naturally light-filled kitchen, the ambience would make you feel like more at home. Mixing the brightness from the sunlight with the dark-coloured appliances and cabinetry results to a more relaxing and traditional vibe.

On the other hand, you don’t have to depend on the amount of light coming into the room when choosing the best colour for your kitchen cabinets. You can add texture to your average kitchen by having a grainy wood finish. You can also have a contemporary extension to add an architecture’s artistic touch.


An excellent kitchen interior designer will handle all the tiny details for you, but if you want to do it personally, you can let them furnish it after. Here are a few features to keep in mind when working on your kitchen design:

  • Are there gaps that you forgot to fill in? Instead of filling it with a piece of cabinetry, you could fill the gap by having a customised tray or handy breadboard in its place.
  • How big are the gaps in the ceiling and the top of your cabinetry? Keep in mind that you have to be able to reach them when you’re cleaning. Alternatively, you could have a floor-to-ceiling type of cabinetry to make the most of storage space and avoid having dust traps.
  • Where will you store your microwaves or least-used appliances? Preferably, you can have them fit into a larger cabinet, preventing the clutter up of worktops or building up of dust when you don’t use them.
  • For safety purposes, make sure the cabinets with breakable or sharp items are out of children’s reach. You shouldn’t have a cupboard that contains glasses and bowls that’s dangerous for children, especially toddlers.
  • Are there sufficient electrical power points in certain parts of the kitchen in case you’ll need them? You don’t want to unplug an appliance to be able to use another as it can be a hassle and could put a strain on the wires from constant usage.


The ideas above should serve as a basis for you to utilise during your renovation to make the best out of your kitchen. It’s easy to make mistakes especially if you’re not prepared or informed about what you’ll need. Thus, careful planning and assessment must be made before the project takes place.

You can also commission an experienced designer and contractor to get the job done. The important thing is that you and your designer have cohesive ideas. From there, you’ll be able to have the beautiful and functional kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of.

Picture of Olivia Cirocco

Olivia Cirocco

Design Manager

As a Bachelor of Interior Architecture graduate of The University of South Australia, Olivia has gained extensive experience in the field. In addition to developing critical analysis skills, Olivia learned how to implement creative, environmentally and socially sustainable settings. Using these techniques she has since enjoyed specialising as a bathroom and kitchen designer.


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