Kitchen Layout, The Pros and Cons: Why Install an L-Shaped Kitchen?

Illan Elberg
 | September 15, 2021

Whether you’re planning about a new kitchen or just remodeling your old one, it’s essential to plan for the workplace design and layout. The layout plays a vital role in your productivity and comfortability to work in the kitchen. It’s also essential for the placement of the kitchen equipment and utensils.

There are a lot of kitchen layouts and designs that you can choose from. One typical and famous arrangement that often piques the interest of many homeowners is the L-shape kitchen. Why an L-shaped kitchen?


It’s the standard design for most kitchens since then. The L-shape is an efficient design as it can facilitate a great work triangle to the preparation, cleanup, and of course in cooking. Why is it called L-shaped?

It’s because of the floor plan and the exact layout of the kitchen as there’s no any additional restrictions and designs, it merely just a kitchen with an “L” shaped look. Among the other layouts, this is the most favorite one as it can be suitable for traditional and contemporary kitchens.

If you’re trying to build a new kitchen or just renovating the old one, and you’re considering the L-shaped design, here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons of the L-shaped kitchen.


Excellent For Open Floor Plans

The L-shaped kitchen can adapt to any floor designs. Its adaptable character allows it to give you enough space and room for your gadgets, appliances, and kitchen equipment. It will provide you the flexibility of setting up any boundaries with kitchen islands. With this layout, you’ll have more space to walk around, and it can be roomier than it is.

Separate Cooking Space And Sink

The L-shaped kitchen allows you to have enough space to separate your cooking area, preparation area, and washing area. In this way, you can work comfortably without constricting yourself. Moreover, the L kitchen design makes the working process more manageable than the other kitchen layouts.

It Can Have Clever Corner Storages

The L-shaped kitchen layout allows you to add any smart corner storage units such as Magic corner units, Carousel units, and Le Mans pull out units. In this way, the Le Mans and Magic units will provide you with the full and entire storage space.

When you open the corner cabinet, it will rotate outwards and towards you making it easier for you to get the contents inside the cabinet. On the other hand, the Carousel unit is circular and doesn’t extend outward. However, you can rotate through 360 degrees until you reach your preference.

Work Triangle Is Applicable

In an L-shaped kitchen layout, you can apply the work triangle as this design will provide you enough space to walk and work around. From prepping to cooking, and to washing. It’s a simple layout, but it can be the most suitable kitchen design for your home.

Eliminates Traffic Flow

L-shaped kitchens are the most common designs when it comes to kitchen layouts. Many households have this type of arrangement as it can be a guest friendly area in the house. L-shaped design eliminates traffic in the kitchen, which makes it easier for the cook to accommodate and interact with the guests.

When you have a bigger space, it can also make room for a few countertops or a small dining area. As you divide the workstations, it creates an illusion of more space in the kitchen.                                                                                                                  

It Can Increase Productivity

Having an L-shaped kitchen layout lessens the hassle and increases productivity. When you’re a cook, the bigger the space, the more you can move, and the more you can move, the efficient you become. Expect to have great results when you have an L-shaped kitchen layout.

Efficient For Smaller Areas

This design initially has the characteristics to make the area look spacious. Having an L-shaped layout is efficient in medium to small-sized kitchens as this kind of arrangement only requires two adjacent walls.

If you have a small kitchen area, then consider installing an L-shaped kitchen design with the help of home builders Melbourne as this would make your area a bit more free and spacious.


Along with the functional advantages of having an L-shaped layout for the kitchen area, it also has its fair share of cons that you need to know about it.

The Bigger The Space, The Less Efficient You Become

Think about it if it becomes too spacious, it will be exhausting for you also walk back and forth as you’re working in the kitchen. In this way, you’ll become less efficient as it will take too much time for you to finish your work.

Bigger spaces may help you put your appliances and equipment in place, but if these appliances are spread out, it will be hard for you to access them one at a time.

It’s Applicable For Single Cook Only

L-shaped layouts are usually for small kitchens. You may find this kind of designs in big spaces, but it’s typical on smaller ones. Having multiple cooks in a limited area may cause a ruckus in the kitchen and it will be hard for them to finish their work.

Corner Cabinets Might Be A Problem

If you consider installing an L-shaped kitchen, you might want to set up a trolley unit in the corner cabinets, as it can be a problem for you to access the cooking equipment such as the frying pans, kettle, etc.


To sum it up, L-shaped layouts can be efficient in a lot of ways. An L-Shaped kitchen is a suitable kitchen layout compared to the others. This design is a great way to use every corner in your kitchen.

The layout can even enhance the space and prevent the kitchen from looking overcrowded. Make sure to consider these pros and cons if you want to install an L-shaped kitchen layout.

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