9 Design Tips and Tricks for Small Bathrooms to Look Spacious

Olivia Cirocco
 | September 15, 2021

One of the most complicated places to renovate inside a house is the bathroom, mainly if you have limited space inside. Aside from its pipes, flooring, and the area, there are a lot of factors you need to consider to achieve a suitable bathroom for your home. If you have a small bathroom, it’ll be hard to make everything fit in the available space.

Fitting every fixture and furniture is like doing a giant crossword puzzle. There’ll be challenges configuring the sink and toilet to allow enough clearance for the shower and other accessories. Also, you need to have enough space for your storage and bathroom essentials. Therefore, all bathrooms regardless of size and area should have proper planning.

A bigger bathroom means bigger work, but a small bathroom needs precise work. Small bathrooms are tough to design because they are compact. The good thing is you can save money as you will need fewer materials. Despite the challenges, you still need to have a bathroom in your house, especially in places where it’s needed.


If you have a small space inside your bathroom, it’s better to install a corner sink than having a pedestal sink, which is a typical one for most bathrooms. Sometimes even the placement of the pedestal sink can obstruct the pathway in the area. Hence, it’s essential to plan where you’ll install your sink in a way that it can’t disrupt the traffic lane inside the bathroom.

In this case, installing a corner sink across the toilet is an effective way to conserve enough pathway inside the bathroom. The sink across the toilet will work better than a sink that’s across the shower. In this way make your sink accessible as possible for the users.


Anything that sticks out from the walls of your bathroom is a waste of space. Avoid any fixtures that you can’t use, especially for a narrow, designed bathroom. In this case, you need to remove the towel bar on the wall and install one on your bathroom door. Also, to avoid cramping the area, go with built-in magazine racks and toilet paper holders.

If you need to have wall attachment fixtures like handlebars, try to install the bars minimally to avoid cramping the place. Avoid any decorative shelves and keep everything simple.


Small bathrooms, sadly, call for smaller fixtures. Don’t overwhelm your bathroom with designs and creative accessories as it would be unnecessary. If you need bathroom fixtures, you have to make sure you install the smaller ones to save up space.

If you need the help of a professional, you can contact any home improvement companies near you as they are essential to make your dream bathroom possible.  


In a small bathroom, especially if you have many built-in features, you can use bright colours for your bathroom backsplash. Lighter colours help smaller places look wide and spacious. It can open the space and give room to breathe. So when choosing the paint for the walls make sure to select bright colours. Also, pastel is quite suitable for small bathrooms.


Lights are a big part of your home especially in places where it’s needed the most. Lighting fixtures are essential in the living room, kitchen, and especially in the vanity area of the bathroom. You can visually enhance a small space by using design tricks through lighting. In this way, you’ll feel that your bathroom becomes more spacious and comfy.

To make your room look more substantial or at least appear extensive, install sconces in the ceiling or cove lighting. It will create an impression of having higher ceilings and expanded space. But if you have a narrow area in the bathroom, installing a light in one wall would give your bathroom an illusion of an open area.


Patterned floors are suitable for small bathrooms. It makes your bathroom look more spacious and elegant. If you’re undecided, you can try a quirky patterned floor and see how it will suit your taste. Another decor trick that could add interest to your bathroom is the gold and brass fixtures as they wouldn’t take up too much space.


A great alternative to large cabinetry is hanging a medicine cabinet above the toiletry. A large cabinet above the sink would make your bathroom feel small. In addition to that, a medicine cabinet above the sink would cut off personal space, but a medicine cabinet would be an excellent depth for decent storage.

Another trick is to install a mirrored, recessed medicine cabinet. If you choose to put a cabinet like this, it will have an advantage of having extra storage in your bathroom. This type of cabinet comes in a variety of widths and heights that could put up more space in your bathroom.

The good thing about installing a mirrored recessed medicine cabinet is that it has a sufficiently wide mirror inside. In this way, you can identify easily what’s behind each stored product.


Mirrors are part of the bathroom, without it, there will be things that you can’t do. Don’t be afraid of installing large mirrors inside the bathroom. There are advantages to why large mirrors are useful in smaller bathrooms. A giant mirror over the bathtub could create an illusion of a larger space. Also, it can make the area look more spacious and bright.


Upgrading and renovating bathrooms are somewhat complicated and expensive. But if you plan thoroughly about the project, you can make it a success. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large bathroom, what’s essential is that you’re comfortable with the way you live your life. Hence, consider these nine design tips and tricks to help you build your dream bathroom.

Olivia Cirocco

Olivia Cirocco

Design Manager

As a Bachelor of Interior Architecture graduate of The University of South Australia, Olivia has gained extensive experience in the field. In addition to developing critical analysis skills, Olivia learned how to implement creative, environmentally and socially sustainable settings. Using these techniques she has since enjoyed specialising as a bathroom and kitchen designer.


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