10 Fail-Safe Hacks for Maximising and Renovating Small Kitchens

Sam Street
 | September 10, 2021

A small kitchen has its fair share of hurdles that every homeowner must resolve. It can be a hassle especially if you’re one who likes to station in the kitchen area a lot. It will be difficult for you to move around while cooking or preparing meals.

You start wishing for a bigger space or smaller fixtures to make your kitchen area spacious and more comfortable. Fortunately, there are practical ways to solve your small-space problem. It’s either you learn how to maximise your available space or go for home renovation.

To help you choose the better option, read on to know if you can manage DIY (Do-It-Yourself) space improvement project, or if you need to hire people for home renovation. Take your cue from the important considerations below.


If you’re not too busy, you can change some things in your kitchen by yourself. There are things that you can do to clear up space.

Remove the Unnecessary Stuff

Do you still have that spoon that your toddler bent last year? Don’t let useless things pile up in your kitchen because it will take up space, leaving your kitchen more cramped than before. So dispose of the things which you don’t need.

Useless things will also add clutter to your kitchen, and it’s essential for kitchens to be organised and sterile. Keep the things that you need for cooking and cleaning, and remove those that you don’t need.

If you also tend to put things in your kitchen which doesn’t belong there, remove it. Put things in their proper places and leave ample spaces for necessary utensils and appliances.

Store Your Daily Appliances in East-To-Reach Places

Most daily routines of people in include drinking coffee in the morning and munching on toast before going to work. It makes sense that you’d put your coffeemaker and toaster on your countertop to save time in the morning.

Those appliances will take up space, so choose to find a place where you can store them. Select a cupboard or cabinet that’s easy to reach so you won’t have to stress yourself every morning.

Keep your counters clean and free from obstacles. That way, you’ll realise that your small kitchen will feel wider if you organise and put everything in proper storage areas.

Stock Up in Another Room

It’s ideal to stock up on groceries like pasta, peanut butter, canned tuna, bottled water, granola bars, cereal, and beans. However don’t put it all in your kitchen. If you have another room that’s near the kitchen, save adequate space where you can safely store groceries.

Choose Smaller Appliances

Since you have a small kitchen, choose to buy smaller appliances and utensils. Larger ones will eat up too much space, leaving your kitchen looking more cramped than before.

Choose appliances like a pressure cooker, egg cooker, rice cooker, or blender with multiple functions, so you don’t have to get separate appliances. You’ll save space, and you can still use your devices at your convenience.

Go for the Kitchen Renovation

If you’re up for it, improvements can do wonders for your home. In the US, Americans under 35 years old spent an average of 2340 dollars for home improvement from 2011 to 2015. Check out these tips if you’re good to go for renovation.

Add Seats that Fit in

Modern chairs aren’t bulky, but instead, these chairs fit in almost seamlessly with the table edges, so it doesn’t take up much space. Some chairs also fit in under the table so that you can save a lot of space in your kitchen.

Add Spaces for Storage

Most kitchen design services will offer excellent advice for your kitchen, mainly if you’re not sure of the design or layout that you want. So it’s okay to ask for help. If possible, maximise the storage areas in the kitchen.

Use available spaces like the back of your door or the underside of the shelves. You can use these areas for hanging by adding hooks. You can suggest these ideas to your designer when you’re planning for the renovation.

Utilise your Kitchen Island

The island takes up a lot of space, so it’s better to maximise its use. Install cabinets under it and use shallow but multiple storage areas. You’ll avoid burying things in the back of the containers, and you can also add more space.

Plan Your Lightning

Every room becomes better with excellent light. When you’re in the process of home improvements like kitchen and bathroom renovations, make sure to include the lighting in your planning.

Select lighting that will eliminate dark corners, so put lights on your sink, prep areas, and walkways. Use multiple layers of lighting if necessary. You can also add pendant lighting to add a focal point to your kitchen.

Add Hanging Open Shelves

Hanging cabinets are excellent choices when you’re trying to save space. Using an open shelf lets you see the contents, make your kitchen look good, and add an airy quality to your kitchen.

Don’t Put Too Much Colour

It’s fun to play with colours, but don’t get carried away when it comes to your kitchen. If you’re having custom kitchen renovations, plan your palette carefully with your designer. Choose one or two colours that will make your space look full. Ask your designer’s opinion for complementary colours which will look good for your kitchen.


You’re the one who knows what will make your house comfortable. Hence, you need to make a prudent decision. If your home has small interior spaces, you can maximise them or renovate your house to add storage areas. Whatever method you choose, your comfort should be your top concern because it’s your house, after all.


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Sam Street

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Sam is a qualified carpenter that has been working in the construction industry for the past thirteen years, both in Australia and abroad. With over a decade of experience, Sam has gained an extensive knowledge of the residential construction space.


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