6 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Dream Home

Sam Street
 | September 15, 2021

First time home builders who do sufficient research and homework before the construction, often have fewer problems compared to those who don’t. On the other hand, some projects occur the other way around as the design and construction had already started before the research and homework even began.

Constructing a house without planning beforehand can be extremely problematic. Since you’re in charge of the design of your entire home with custom house building, and you could have it specifically designed to the way you want. However, committing even the smallest mistake can mess up the project.

Since the devil is in the details, you have to make sure that you get everything correct the first time, as fixing mistakes during construction can be difficult and expensive. Here are the six mistakes that could significantly affect your dream house if not avoided.


The layout is the most critical part before you start constructing your home. You should never rush the planning of your house because you’ll end up with a home that doesn’t even look nowhere near what you expected.

You also have to analyse the best way you can maximise how you utilise each room space. The size of your new home won’t matter because even a massive house can run out of space if not thoroughly designed. Also, you have to keep in mind that you don’t miss out  any of the essential details.

Moreover, you’ll also need to determine the amount of storage space you’ll need for each room. Your garage or storage room will eventually be full of piled up junk over time. Consequently, each bedroom should at least have a closet for designated storage, and so will the bathrooms. Further, your entrance hall should also have a shoe rack and coat closet for organisation.


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC, will keep your home comfortably warm during the winter, and cold during the summer. You have to consider the importance of humidity control and proper ventilation, as this is your source of living comfortably inside your home.

Building a dream home that’s energy efficient is one thing, but making it is another story. Acquiring an HVAC system with poor planning can result in all types of problems such as bad air quality, the formation of mould, and too much moisture.

Getting an efficient HVAC system that’s the right size to heat or cool your home completely should be your number one priority. An HVAC system that’s bigger than what you need for the size of your house can waste a lot of money and energy. Also, you don’t want to have any problems with moisture and mould in the future.

Another problem you can avoid with proper HVAC planning and design is the wall acne. Wall acne refers to an unsightly multitude of mismatched switches, lights, remote controls and keypads on a wall. Further, you will be able to avoid confusion, inconvenience, and serious design obstacle with proper planning and design.


There are cases in which your dream home or what you believe is your home, doesn’t always fit your lifestyle. When planning and designing your house, you should think of your needs, lifestyle, habits, and future choices.

You have to consider all the possibilities while keeping long-term goals in mind. How long do you plan to stay? Do you expect to raise your children in this house? Do you plan to spend your retirement years in this house?

All the considerations above are what’s going to define the design of your dream home. You have to take all of them into account and to make sure your house is well prepared for all those scenarios in your life. Most importantly, you need the home you’ll be spending most of your life in to not only be livable but to also be extremely safe.


Over time, you will realise that some parts of the house aren’t well lit. You have to make sure that the light fixtures are more than enough in each room. Lack of decent planning with the light fixtures’ wirings can also be a nuisance in the long run if they needed rewiring.

Moreover, windows can also be used as an advantage to save electricity and energy. During the day, windows are a great source of natural lighting. In the living room, you could have big windows in areas that are dark without the help of light fixtures, to allow plenty of light to shine in.


Home builders should always think outside the box, and to always keep the bigger plans in mind. As a home builder, you have to think about which rooms will you spend most of your time in, what you want from your new house and the placement of each room.

You will tend to forget the real issues if you’re always bogged down in details. For instance, having a laundry room placed near the bedrooms can provide convenience. You won’t need to pull your loads of laundry up and down the staircase. On the other hand, having your laundry room placed in the basement will also waste a lot of your valuable time.

Further, you should also place the bedrooms on the side of the house where it’s mostly quiet. Ideally, the side of the house that’s opposite to the street view and away from traffic. You also have to make sure that the bedrooms are away from the garage, to minimise the noise going towards the bedrooms.


Choosing a reliable expert to help build your home makes all the difference to your project. You’ll need a professional that you can communicate all your needs and wants to, and you can get along well with. Further,  you will also have to arrange more than one appointment to know who’s an excellent fit for you.

Having an experienced builder can help avoid mistakes, which benefits you by not spending more on redoing the things that have gone wrong. Consequently, there are reliable home improvement companies near you. 


Building your house from the very beginning can be a frightening project. However, knowing what to do through effective planning and avoiding the six major mistakes can get you through the daunting task. Along with the help of a reliable expert, building your dream house can make it an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

Picture of Sam Street

Sam Street

Construction Manager

Sam is a qualified carpenter that has been working in the construction industry for the past thirteen years, both in Australia and abroad. With over a decade of experience, Sam has gained an extensive knowledge of the residential construction space.


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