Kitchen Renovations: Five Promising Home Design Ideas to Capitalise on

Olivia Cirocco
 | September 15, 2021

Most homeowners consider the kitchen as the heart and soul of their home. A well-maintained kitchen can still lead the materials to wear out in the long run, and even the design can grow old and go out of style over time.

Renovating your kitchen once in a while is more than just changing pillowcases and sheets; it is a time and money-consuming process. With the estimated run time of six to eight weeks of an average kitchen renovation, it can still extend as long as six months.

Despite of all the expenses, time, and effort to remodel a kitchen to your liking, there is one important point you cannot decline and that’s the fact that a good renovation is worth all the sacrifice. With that in mind, here are the five promising home design ideas to take advantage of.


One of the main things that homeowners regularly see when entering the kitchen is their backsplash. Backsplashes are often forgotten because they don’t serve much of a function when we’re entertaining guests or preparing our meal.

Kitchen tiles get outdated which will deteriorate after several years of use, and will also need replacing without damaging the kitchen’s overall beauty. As a result, the best place to start remodeling to improve the design of the kitchen is the backsplash.

Having the best colour scheme and design for a backsplash can significantly improve how your kitchen looks. Also, the sky’s the limit in the backsplash category because of the dramatic improvement of the kitchen industry over the past decade. Thus, you can beautify your kitchen with a unique backsplash design.

Further, backsplashes aren’t only limited to different versions of the same tiles, because you can use waterproof wallpaper or even engineered hardwood. Keep in mind that you can exercise your creativity by thinking outside the box, creating diverse possibilities through counterpointing the design of the countertop.


Kitchen renovations are great home design projects since they give us the chance to change the way we approach flat surfaces in our kitchen. Countertops are flat surfaces where we can prepare our recipes to cook our meal.

Homeowners want eye-pleasing counters, but often have a hard time considering it as a design element to complement the backsplash. You can pair the countertop with the backsplash by counterpointing them, the design and colour don’t necessarily have to match.

You have to keep in mind the importance of choosing the appropriate material for your countertop. Apart from making your counters look good, you also have to connect the material of the countertop to your lifestyle.

Countertops are one of the most used surfaces in the kitchen. They have to be able to be sturdy enough the handle daily home activities yearly. Granite is a beautiful natural stone that is one of the most popular countertop material that homeowners love. Granite is non-porous, extremely durable, and resistant to just about anything.

You can hire a professional designer or contractor to help you lay out the materials you’ll need for designing your kitchen worktops. We are most willing to help you with your need to install and match your countertop with the backsplash.


The beauty and the functionality of your kitchen space will depend on the lighting you install. For you to be able to be comfortable while preparing your meal, you’re going to have the choose lighting fixtures that ensure the kitchen is well lit.

Meanwhile, you’ll also have to have the right amount of overhead lighting when you’re having dinner, to see what’s on your plate. You have to keep in mind that proper lighting is a vital aspect of the overall home design.

Lack of quality with the lighting will lead to a messy looking countertop, unclean food-contact surfaces, and a working space that’s inefficient. Further, bad lighting also won’t highlight the other design elements that you’ve worked so hard on. Being lenient about lighting will keep your kitchen from looking its most excellent.


Maintaining and making your kitchen look its best is an expensive investment, but is worth every penny you spend. There are still a lot of factors to consider when renovating your kitchen. However, if you’re focusing on rethinking the design to have another chance at making the best kitchen, capitalise on these five promising home design ideas.

Picture of Olivia Cirocco

Olivia Cirocco

Design Manager

As a Bachelor of Interior Architecture graduate of The University of South Australia, Olivia has gained extensive experience in the field. In addition to developing critical analysis skills, Olivia learned how to implement creative, environmentally and socially sustainable settings. Using these techniques she has since enjoyed specialising as a bathroom and kitchen designer.


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