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Style it Up

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Keep it personal

When choosing colours for your home exterior there are no hard and fast rules, says Andrea.

“Colours for your exterior are a personal choice and often depend on other existing elements your home has, such as exposed brick,” she says. “To personalise your home, you can easily add a pop of colour on your front door and play with coloured pots on the decking or verandah.”

Three colour rule

Never use more than three colours on the exterior of your house – one for walls, one for trim and one for accents. They should match tonally so that they complement each other.

Choosing your colour scheme

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Then move to the top

While the traditional white ceiling is really popular, there are no hard and fast rules on ceiling colour. A non-white ceiling can at once draw the eye up but with darker tones can also make a room feel enclosed.

One solid tip for home colour schemes is to always use a matte finish when painting ceilings – gloss paint shows up small imperfections so it’s almost impossible to get a seamless look.

Bring the walls to life

A good way to unify the colour selection for your house is to use one colour on all the walls. If you can’t resist using different colours – particularly for feature walls –  then make sure they match tonally. It’s best to avoid any clashing colours even if they are in different ends of the house.

“Introducing colour in a small way, in a bedroom or study, can help you start building a colour scheme in the home,” says Andrea. “A darker colour often helps in a home theatre or TV area of the home.”

Hidden costs of renovation

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Back in the day kitchens were small dark rooms hidden at the back of the home. Nowadays the kitchen is the proud centrepiece of the home.

The kitchen is so much more than simply providing a place to cook. They are places to sit down with the family for a meal, entertain friends or help the kids with their homework.

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As such a versatile hub of the home, it comes as no surprise that the most common interior renovation project undertaken by homeowners is a kitchen makeover.

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation of your own here are several of the not so obvious kitchen expenses to keep an eye out for when setting out your budget.

Design fee

Given the importance of the kitchen within modern Australian homes, and the typically substantial investment one makes when renovating it, it is essential to have an experienced professional tailor a design to suit your space and home perfectly. During the design phase, potential issues can be flagged by your designer and resolved, which could be costly if left unnoticed until construction starts.

Cooktop update

With the increasing popularity of induction cooktops, homeowners need to decide between a gas cooktop or an induction model. There are fantastic options in both these categories, and several things should be considered when selecting the correct cooktop for your you and your family.

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