Working with Professionals: 5 Convincing Reasons to Hire a House Design Company

James Scully
 | September 10, 2021

Are you planning to renovate your house soon? You’re not the only one who’s thinking of a home upgrade, mainly if you’re living in Melbourne. In 2015, Melbourne was hailed as the renovation capital of Australia because residents spent more than $52 million for house renovations in the September quarter.

Aside from the usual house expansion, Australians also add swimming pools or any facility which will improve their living conditions or raise their standard of living. It’s a fact that Australians are willing to spend a lot on renovations because, in 2015, residents spent almost $15 billion on house construction and improvement within the first three months of the year.

If you’re a part of this growing trend, you might be considering DIY. Remember that renovations require expert opinion and extreme care because you’re enhancing the house where you live in so everything needs to be safe. Hiring a designer for your improvement is ideal. Read on to know more about why a designer should be a part of your team.

Stress-Free Renovation

If you’re not busy with anything, then you can add a renovation project to your daily activities. However, if you’re working, assess if you’ll have the time to oversee the construction, purchasing of materials, and other operations which come with renovating your house.

Remember that your job isn’t your sole concern. You also have to attend to your family. If you’re working in a major house renovation, you’ll probably choose to spend a few days somewhere else. That means an adjustment for your family, and you have to help your kids adjust. Can you imagine yourself overseeing construction while taking care of your kids?

Having a full-time job and family responsibilities mean that your daily schedule is most probably full. DIY renovations can be fun, but only if you’re making minor improvements because these projects don’t take up too much time and effort.

If you’re going for large-scale home improvement which involves kitchen and bathroom renovations, or house extension, you need the help of top home builders Melbourne has. These experts will relieve you of the stress that accompanies a home improvement. You’ll have more time for your family and job, and you don’t have to worry about your ongoing project.

Save Up On Money

The usual areas in the house which are candidates for renovation are the kitchen, garden and deck, bathroom, living room, and the master bedroom. Kitchens can cost from $10,000 to $45,000, gardens cost $2,000 to $10,000, bathrooms reach $10,000 to $35,000, living rooms run from $10,000 to $15,000, and master bedrooms can reach from $2,000 up to $35,000.

Even if you have the money to spend, it’s wise to buy fixtures and appliances which will serve you best. If you don’t have any idea about which materials you should buy, designers will help you out. Your preferred designer will guide you to the right products which you’ll need for your house.

It’s crucial to have a designer if you’re renovating with a tight budget. You can consult your designer about the money that you have, so you can work on what materials and appliances will fit your budget. They will show you options, and all you have to do is choose which one you like best so you can include it in your house.

Remember that there’s a big chance that you’ll spend more money if you choose the materials yourself, mainly if you’re not an expert in a renovation. You’ll have to pay for the services of the designer, but their help will be worth every dollar that you spend.

Achieve Your Dream Home

Designers are experts in their chosen fields, and they can help you achieve the house that you want to have. If you prefer DIY, there’s a chance that your output might not be the one that you’re expecting due to your lack of experience.

If you choose to hire designers, they will discuss your proposed design, and possibly point out the flaws in it. They can also offer options which can improve your initial design, and the output will be better than your expectation.

You’ll get the design that you want, and possibly make it better with the help of professional designers. With DIY, you’re risking the output of your project, and you might end up spending more money than your expected budget.

Save Time

Renovations will take longer if you don’t have any idea where to start. If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll probably do it by room. If there are mistakes, you’ll have to do it again. DIY projects can be time-consuming. If you have extra time, it’s okay. If you’re a busy person, a designer will help you maximise the time that you spend on renovations.

If you’re not an expert in interior and exterior home design, you have to come up with your plan. However, are you sure it will work out fine? Are your materials cost efficient? If you’re buying new appliances, are you sure it’s energy-efficient? There are aspects to home improvements that you don’t know. Hence, it’s best to hire a designer.

You can speed up the process by discussing your design, and your designer will suggest how you can make it better. Your designer also knows what materials and appliances to buy, so you have to choose which one you like best. You don’t have to do things without help from others because your designer will help make the whole process comfortable for you.

Fresh Perspective

You probably have your ideas on how you’re going to improve your house. However, there might be several details which you might overlook, such as mismatched wall colours, an overly-tall fridge for your kitchen, or a too-large tub for your bathroom.

No matter what these details are, count on your designer to see these things. They will point this out so you can choose from other options. They will also give new ideas which you might not have thought of before.


A home renovation is a stressful and time-consuming project. If you’re too busy to oversee everything, but you want to achieve the best results for your home, hire a local designer to help you out. Designers will help you get your dream house, and they will also assist you during the whole process.

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James Scully

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James studied Property at RMIT University where he learnt the fundamentals of construction and project management. Over the last twelve years he’s spent time working on both commercial and residential projects, working closely with all trades to gain valuable knowledge in all aspects of construction whilst honing in the skills he studied at RMIT.


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