Kitchen Ideas: 7 Ways to Get a Luxurious and Elegant Looking Kitchen

Olivia Cirocco
 | September 15, 2021

Kitchens have always been the most favored area in the house to modify. It’s an extensive project that requires a considerable amount of time, money, and labor. If you ever want a simple yet elegant and high-quality kitchen, you’ll have to plan for it thoroughly with a reliable contractor.

Out of all the areas in your house, the kitchen can be a paradise to a decorative sleight of hand. Every homeowner wants a luxurious kitchen, but shelling out big to modify isn’t an option for many people. Fortunately, there are ways to revamp your kitchen without going beyond your budget.

Kitchen upgrades typically return between 85% to 105% when selling a property. Therefore, when you decide to remodel your kitchen, take all the time to plan for your project. By considering these tips and carefully choosing the materials, equipment, cabinets, and appliances, you can make an exquisite and high-quality kitchen.


If your priority is the kitchen layout, then start planning with your design if you want a full kitchen to revamp. Always keep in mind that a functional kitchen always follows the work triangle. The kitchen work triangle is the idea to determine an efficient kitchen layout.

Following this design will boost productivity inside the kitchen as the primary function revolves around the sink, the cooktop, and the refrigerator. It’s not just about the layout, but the distance should also be as small as a footprint as possible. Lastly, the fridge must be near the entrance of the kitchen since it’s typically the primary destination of the kitchen goer’s.


Plywood or particle board is the primary material used for the kitchen cabinets. Robust cabinets have full plywood material from all sides including the back. These type of plywoods can handle the weight of any substantial and heavy kitchen countertops.

It can also resist damage from moisture. On the other hand, particleboard is cost-efficient and can be an alternative to plywood. However, particleboards are vulnerable to moisture damage, crushing and is difficult to repair blown out joints and screws.


Luxurious people with elegant kitchens are original and has the confidence for trend hopping. It’s not practical to some people, and not all homeowners have the fortune to have an expensive and luxurious kitchen design.

Though luxury interior kitchen designs look effortless, following the trends are still exhausting. Try to stick with the classic kitchen design ideas as they are more practical and cost-effective. Plus, traditional kitchen layouts can also be elegant and luxurious in many ways.  


If you’re trying to update your kitchen to a luxurious and elegant design, but you’re on a tight budget, try to select the materials yourself. Asking the contractor to purchase all the materials and equipment such as the flooring, countertops, appliances, and cabinets needed for the project may cost you a fortune.

It will leave them a vast range amount of money to buy everything. Also, there might be a chance you’ll end up paying an additional fee for the supplied costs. There are a lot of ways to achieve an elegant and luxurious looking kitchen.

You can save a lot of money by shopping online. Try to focus your purchases on the essential items such as the cabinets, countertops, flooring, and appliances, and don’t spend too much on lighting fixtures and paint.


Kitchen countertops are essential materials for the kitchen. There’s a wide array of countertops to choose for your kitchen. If you’re on a tight budget, but you want your kitchen to look elegant and luxurious, try selecting a ceramic tile kitchen countertop. While most homeowners love granite and stone, most of them also don’t like the price.

Ceramic is one of the best choices for countertops when you’re on a budget. Aside from its cost-effective nature, it comes with different colors also. Therefore, you can customize this type of countertop. Another option would be laminate countertops. It’s also cost-efficient like the ceramic and is easy to install in the kitchen.

Last is the solid wood countertops which can be cut, treated, and sanded. It can be a luxurious and elegant touch of nature for budget-minded homeowners. Wood tiles also have a variety of wood types and can also provide a warmth that other countertops can’t.  


One thing about a luxurious kitchen is that when you enter the area, you can compare that kitchen to a ballroom dance floor. It has a welcoming feeling you can’t resist. Therefore, light your kitchen up and choose the most affordable and practical lighting fixtures. You don’t need to spend too much on lighting.

There are a lot of ways to make your kitchen look elegant through lighting fixtures. In this way, you’ll not only increase your productivity but the functionality of the kitchen too. The brighter the workplace is, the more comfortable you can work around.

Lighting can sometimes be a “want” than a “need.” Most homeowners want their kitchen to look as luxurious as it can be, but don’t forget what your goal is. Try to be more practical in choosing your fixtures. You can increase the numbers of your windows so that you don’t have to buy more lights than filling your kitchen with costly lighting fixtures.


If you want your kitchen to look elegant and luxurious but you’re on a tight budget, you don’t have to buy artificial materials such as plastic adhesive sheets for your wall or flooring. It’ll only make your kitchen unsightly. Plus, synthetic materials such as adhesive sheets can fade and won’t last long.

A good trick when you’re on a budget is to decide what design you want for your kitchen and buy the simplest and the most practical and authentic version of that material. Let the authentic items work on the background while the luxurious items take the show.


Achieving a luxurious, high-quality kitchen doesn’t always cost you a fortune. Sometimes, a thorough plan of the project is just enough to obtain what you want. Once you know what you want, and what your budget can afford, you’ll know that it’s possible to attain your goal.

Always remember to stick with your plan and don’t complicate things up. If you want to update your kitchen, knowledge is the key.

Picture of Olivia Cirocco

Olivia Cirocco

Design Manager

As a Bachelor of Interior Architecture graduate of The University of South Australia, Olivia has gained extensive experience in the field. In addition to developing critical analysis skills, Olivia learned how to implement creative, environmentally and socially sustainable settings. Using these techniques she has since enjoyed specialising as a bathroom and kitchen designer.


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