Kitchen Ideas: 5 Expert Ways to Achieve Better Kitchen Design

Illan Elberg
 | September 15, 2021

The kitchen is one of the most renovated areas in the house. From layouts, structure, to designs, the kitchen has always been versatile when it comes to upgrading. Aside from eating, cooking, and preparing food, this area is also an excellent place to socialize and entertain your guests.

If you think it out thoroughly, out of all the areas in your home, the layout of your kitchen matters most. When starting a renovation project for your kitchen, what are the first things you should do? If you’re the typical type of homeowner, you’ll probably think first of your appliances and the color scheme of your kitchen.

However, if you’re into the project as a designer, the first thing you’ll have to do is to plan for the kitchen layout. The kitchen is a functional area, and a kitchen designed by a professional maximizes movement and enhances the ability of a home cook to use the kitchen to its full potential. To achieve this, here are some of the popular kitchen designing tips.


The kitchen work triangle is the most crucial part when planning a kitchen renovation. You won’t have a fully functional kitchen if you don’t follow this layout. A kitchen triangle revolves around the sink, stove, and refrigerator. It’s the area which has the highest activity that requires thorough planning and unobstructed access.

Out of the three main elements, the sink has the most crucial role as a lot happens in this area. It should have easy access to the stove and the refrigerator, as well as to your workstations. One essential thing is it should be near the plumbing. Sometimes because of the placement of the pipes, kitchen sinks are often put in a poor location.

If that’s your case, consider hiring a professional plumber to relocate the pipes properly to adjust the kitchen sink its best placement. An excellent kitchen layout will allow you to move quickly between the three primary elements while cooking. Also, it should provide enough space to accommodate two people.


Planning is the primary factor when it comes to home improvement. Creating a new kitchen space isn’t an easy job, that’s why it’s essential to plan the entire project first before engaging to work. Have a clear picture of what your goal is, and what you’re trying to achieve. When you act out your plans, upgrading your kitchen will be much smoother and rewarding.

When planning, include everything such as your budget, contractors, layout, and the materials needed for the renovation project. Being prepared will enable you to tackle any problems without a hitch. Keep in mind that when you upgrade, “function always comes first.” There’s no ideal kitchen shape, but there is a proper kitchen functionality.

If you’re having a hard time planning for your kitchen renovation, you can seek the help of professionals. You can contact a lot of home improvement specialists in your area or search for home builders Melbourne to achieve your kitchen design goal.


One of the primary materials needed in the kitchen is the countertops. Whether it’s wood, granite, natural, or laminate, a countertop always serves its purpose, and that is to provide extra workspace inside the kitchen. It’s often called the “preparation surface” for most cooks and homeowners as they usually prepare food on the surface of a clean countertop.

Kitchen countertops have a lot of functions other than for a cooking surface. It also adds beauty to the kitchen as it adds a warm and welcoming ambiance. There are a wide variety of kitchen countertops, and each material has a different price range. You can go eco-friendly to a child-friendly countertop, depending on your choice.

Make sure to choose the most suitable for your kitchen design. Also, these materials are durable, and if you need help with the maintenance of your countertops, you can search for videos online or ask a professional on how to clean countertops properly. In this way, you can prolong the durability of your countertop material.


The kitchen contains a lot of stuff. Most of the time, a lot of cooking materials, condiments, food, and other kitchen stuff are just lying around in some kitchens. You don’t want your kitchen to look messy, so it’s essential not to waste any storage space. If there are things that don’t have any particular use, it’s better to put it in the recycle bin.

You shouldn’t place items that require bigger spaces such as processors, mixers, and other kitchen equipment inside the cabinet as it consumes the entire area of the kitchen cabinet. Finding a surface for your kitchen appliances can be tricky as you need them accessible at any time.

A lot of homeowners unknowingly waste storage space. You can avoid wasting space by planning your storage area properly. If you have a small kitchen, try installing long-upper cabinets for extra storage. Place a little greenery along the molding to draw the attention above. Also, always install cabinets above the fridge to utilize the entire area.


Don’t reuse old appliances from your previous kitchen for the newly renovated kitchen. It may seem like you’re saving money, but there are downfalls in using old kitchen appliances. Some of it may not last long, and some of it may cause accidents inside the kitchen.

You don’t have to spend a lot just to replace your old kitchen appliances. All you need to do is to find the most cost-efficient and energy-efficient kitchen appliances that would suit your kitchen design.

By doing it this way, it’ll not only make your kitchen look brand new, but it’ll also assure you that your newly purchased appliances will function well and without a problem. Cheaper kitchen equipment will still look better if it’s suitable for your kitchen design.


Achieving an excellent kitchen design always starts with a plan. Plan everything carefully with the help of the professionals and rush things out. Always remember that there are no perfect kitchen designs. It’ll all come down to whatever layout that would suit better for your kitchen.

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