A Fresh Perspective: Your Definitive Guide to Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Illan Elberg
 | September 15, 2021

Home improvement is one of the goals that many homeowners share that stems from different purposes and reasons. Whether you do it for aesthetic or financial objectives, it’s important that you’re doing it for the right reasons.

It may sound simple, but when you decide to do a renovation project like kitchen renovations, kitchen and bathroom renovations or any home improvement projects, you’ll realize that there is more to it other than beautification and aesthetic upgrades. It requires a considerable amount of time, money, determination, and careful planning. If you have these elements, your renovation project will be a success.

When performing home improvement, you probably think of different ways and ideas to freshen up your home. You can fuse new emerging technology in your home, not only add elegance but to improve the monetary value of your property. As such, there are different factors to consider home improvement and here are some of them.


If you want to modify your place, it doesn’t matter whether you have a newly built house, a condo, or an apartment. As long as you have the required components, you’ll do just fine.

Establish Goals And Inspirations

One of the essential things to do before starting the project is to set things according to your goals and inspiration. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve in your project. Which area would you want to modify? Your kitchen? Bathroom? Living room? Or the entire interior of your home?

Your goals will serve as your guide through the entire project. It can also help in meeting your expectation and can provide you with a high productivity rate.  

Consider The Cost

One essential factor to consider is your budget for the entire project. The overall cost of the renovation project will continuously guide you throughout the first phase until the last. The first phase is where you start planning for everything including your budget.

The second phase is when you have to look for a contractor that you can trust and afford. The third phase is when you have to find the tools and materials for your home improvement project.

Hire A Reliable Contractor

Finding a contractor for the project is simple, but looking for the right and suitable one may take time. It’s one of the most crucial steps of every home improvement project. If you’re looking for a contractor, you have to make sure that you work with a qualified and capable one.

Before hiring, it’s essential to ask the contractor his/her previous work so that you can evaluate if he’s/she’s qualified for the job.


Time is one of the main factors in home improvement. When it comes to renovation and remodeling projects, deadlines are highly critical. The longer the project, the more it will cost you. Hence, make sure your contractor can meet the deadliest deadline as there is a saying that goes “time is money.”


The four factors stated above have influenced home improvement greatly. But there are more to home improvement than you could imagine. As of today, kitchen and bathroom renovation top the list of enhancements for most homeowners to increase the value of their home. Now, what’s the difference between renovating a kitchen and bathroom?

You decided to sell your house this year, but your agent pointed out some areas that need refreshing before your home is ready to hit the market. These areas include your kitchen and bathroom, but before you start overhauling, here are some key points you need to consider.

Be Rational And Realistic

When planning for the renovation project, you have to be more realistic about what you could achieve. Try to visualize the more practical design for your area and don’t exaggerate every little detail. In this way, you can accomplish a doable kitchen and bathroom design.

One good advice is that you have to work with what you have. In this way, you’ll cut the cost lower than the expected price range, and also it can save you more time than looking for another option.

Consider Accessibility

Accessibility is essential not just in the kitchen, but the bathroom as well. So when you decide to overhaul one of those areas, make sure that it’s accessible for anyone. The design of a typical kitchen is already convenient for anyone, but when it comes to your bathroom, you need to have a universal bathroom design to support accessibility.

Accessible design isn’t just to support older people as adopting convenient and accessible components to such areas can provide safety and comfort as well.

Be Creative And Innovative

New products are appearing in the market today, high-tech and innovative ones. With the use of the internet, there are a lot of things you can achieve. For some instance, if you want extra security for your home, you can use the internet for means of access.

There are a lot of innovative smart devices you can find in the market today such as thermostats, lighting fixtures, and remoted equipment that can support and energy-efficient home.

Consider The Budget

The most important factor during a home improvement is the budget or the cost of the entire project. When you renovate a particular area in your home such as the kitchen, you should have a list of the budget that you can use to achieve a specific design.

If you don’t know the cost of the entire project, you can have a meeting with your contractor, and surely he/she can help you compute and allocate the budget needed. If not, you can go to any kitchen and bath showrooms and see what your budget can afford.

Plan everything thoroughly as you don’t want to have any miscalculations that could lead to you spending more money in the future.

Shop Wisely And Save

There are a lot of options you can do to achieve the design you want without breaking the bank. If you’re on a tight budget, you can shop online. In that way, you can choose the most suitable material for your home design with all the time you have. If you think that you can’t afford shopping on a home improvement store, then try buying online.

Online stores have a wide variety of materials you can choose for your renovation project. Also, online shopping websites have cheaper products and have a lot more to offer than home improvement stores.


As stated above, there’s so much more about home improvement. It often refers to the alteration of structures of an existing home. It’s a series of building projects which includes improvements to gardens, lawns, and other outdoor structures.

It also incorporates general servicing tasks such as maintenance and repair. Home improvement projects typically have the following goals.

Maintenance And Repair

Your home won’t stay flawless as years pass by. Keep in mind that it’s vulnerable to any house problems. Roofing, windows, door handles, and seals can age over time. Also, items that have low durability and quality might break down completely.

If you think you don’t need to modify your home now, you eventually will. Who doesn’t want a fully functioning house? Your home may survive a decade, if not, a century with proper maintenance. Once you replace and repair all the defects, you’ll likely be able to enjoy your stay without having to worry about the problems.

Maintenance projects include:

  • Construction of new windows, roof tear-off, and replacements.
  • Repainting in the exterior and interior of the house.
  • Checking and repairing electrical and plumbing systems.
Energy Performance

One essential goal of home improvement is to lower down the cost of your electrical bills by upgrading particular types of energy-efficient equipment. You’ll probably notice the changes at the end of the month after your renovation. The costs on your energy bill will likely be lower than the previous one.

Consider installing the following energy-saving types of equipment:

  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Replace windows with energy-efficient thermal insulators
  • Wood stoves and Biomass pellet stoves
Upgrade With Beauty

One favourite reason why homeowners modify their home is that they want to make improvements that can enhance the look of their home not only on the interior but as well on the exterior side.

Beautifying home is applicable especially when you have a large house, or significant remodels. You can look up to kitchen and bathroom renovations Melbourne to achieve a better outcome.

Improve Comfortability

One of the primary reasons why homeowners want a full revamp on their home is to improve comfortability.

There are many things you can consider to increase comfortability. In some cases, you can upgrade the rooms in your house with luxuries such as adding high-tech features, waterproofing basements, and soundproofing rooms, especially in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Further, there are quite a few things you can install and upgrade to increase comfortability in your home. A heater, ventilator, and air conditioners are just some of the good additions you can start with. These types of equipment can help you control the temperature inside your home especially when you’re living in one of the coldest locations in the world.

Can Add Extra Space

If your home feels too narrow and crowded, room expansions and additions can widen the space inside your house. If your family is growing, then expanding the floor area of your house is a great way to cover up for those places that are too cramped.

Turning marginal rooms into livable areas such as upgrading your basement into a home theater, home offices, and guest rooms is a smart way to maximize the space in your area.

Boost Resale Value

One of the primary reasons why homeowners want to renovate their property is the resale value. Upgrading your home will affect the overall selling price of your home, especially when you did a full revamp of your area.

No matter what type of project you did for your home, the retail value of your property will boost up as home improvement projects always affect depending on the materials used on the project.


Kitchen and bathroom are two essential areas in the house, and most homeowners are looking to upgrade one of these areas to improve the overall functionality of the house. When you’re trying to decide what area should you try to update, incorporate these objectives into your decision-making process.

Which Is Less Expensive?

Primarily and without a doubt, bathrooms are cheaper to update than the kitchen. Bathrooms have a narrower area than the kitchen, and also the kitchen is more complicated to renovate because of its extensive functionality.

Which Is Less Troublesome?

Kitchen and bathroom need thorough planning before renovating. But, which is less disruptive? It’s the kitchen. It is a close call since both of these areas are essential in your daily routine. But if you have to upgrade one of these areas, let it be the kitchen.

Bathrooms are more disruptive than the kitchen as bathroom renovations often lead to a more significant and complicated project. Also, you can’t live without a bath for several weeks, so when you decide to upgrade the bathroom, you have to live in a different home to have a shower that you can use.

Which Can Greatly Increase The Selling Price?

If the reason why you’re renovating your house is that you want to increase the resale value, then you have to upgrade your kitchen. Homeowners believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Undoubtedly, this area requires expensive materials and labor for renovation, which means most house hunters consider the kitchen as the visual focal point.


Home improvement is essential for every homeowner who aspires to have a comfortable living sanctuary. Be it for aesthetics or property values purposes. It is undoubtedly the primary way to ensure having a beautiful and appealing home.

In this way, you and your family can live in a comfortable and satisfying life. Consider all of these critical points when you’re trying to decide what area should you renovate. Also, make use of the simple and smaller point to achieve a better and exceptional home.

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