3 Expert Tips on How to Build a Functional Kitchen

Sam Street
 | September 15, 2021

Nowadays, kitchen renovation is a trend, not only to homeowners but to everyone as well including restaurants. There are a lot of home improvement companies who are willing to help with the upgrades and changes. That’s why some homeowners are also willing to spend much money to revamp their kitchen to the best efficiency.

Your kitchen might have the most appealing design, from your cabinets, flooring, countertop, and layout. You might have the most technologically advanced appliances and high-quality finishes. But, if your plan doesn’t match or meet with your standards, it will lose its overall functionality as the heart of your home. So here’s how you can make it work.


When you’re planning on remodelling your kitchen, there will be certain factors you have to take into consideration. It’s essential to give careful attention to the space you need to use as you don’t want your kitchen to take up too much space or overly cramped. You need to plan thoroughly on each factor that could make your kitchen functional to achieve your goal.

There will be certain areas in your kitchen where you need to have the assistance of a professional. Hence, you should hire one to make your project easier and with a timeline. You have to tell them your cooking style, where you wanted to place your appliances, especially the layout you wanted for your kitchen.

In this way, you’ll have to hire a reliable expert to do the project. There must be a lot of home improvement companies near you, but home builders Melbourne are more willing to assist with your needs regarding the renovation of your kitchen. How your kitchen should function depends on you. To make it functional, you need to customise your floor plan.


The kitchen work triangle is part of the kitchen’s layout. It’s a time-tested guideline of the kitchen design which helps improve the overall functionality of your kitchen. It also makes your workspaces efficient and at the same time with clear traffic lanes. Imagine a triangle that connects the sink, fridge, and the cooktop. That’s a work triangle.

How To Create An Effective Work Triangle

You need to create your work triangle with efficiency to avoid complications in your kitchen space. The triangle concept of the kitchen always has considerable application in the overall layout and design of your kitchen.

  • The measure of each leg of the triangle must measure between 4 and 9 feet.
  • Major traffic patterns should not cross through the triangle.
  • The sum of the three sides of the triangle must not exceed 26 feet.
  • If you want to add a second work triangle to your kitchen, you can do so by adding a second sink to a fourth-wall peninsula or an island. It’s a way to create an extra workspace for you, especially if you have a specialty like baking.
  • Also, no side of the triangle should cut through an island by more than 12 inches.

It’s essential to remember that the work triangle layout is just a guide for you to have an efficient time in the kitchen. It’s a way of improving your kitchen to its full capability and functionality. In this way, you will have a productive time and more straightforward work in your kitchen.


One essential you should plan for your kitchen is your outline or layout. It’s probably the most important part of kitchen design. Your layout will determine how it’s easy to cook, socialise, and eat in your kitchen. Basically, the layout addresses the proper placement of all your appliances and the arrangement of your cabinets, sinks, and counters.

U-Shaped Kitchen

From the letter “U,” this kitchen has a design featuring three walls lined with appliances and cabinets. For most homeowners, this design is the most basic among all other kitchen layouts. But, it’s an efficient design which frees up floor space to avoid heavy foot traffic. It also maximises wall space by installing cabinets and appliances.

G-Shaped Kitchen

G-shaped is a cabinetry configuration with a prepping area inside the kitchen. It’s the type of layout for most homeowners who are active in cooking and socialising in the kitchen. It has a counter peninsula and also four-wall storage. The good thing about this layout is that it increases the number of base cabinets which you can use for extra storage space.

L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is the most common and standard kitchen layout for most homes. It is applicable when you have a small space for your kitchen. That’s why most apartments, condo’s, and small houses have L-shaped kitchen as it can’t incorporate an island or G-shape. Moreover, this layout is still trending as it’s not difficult to match it with any decor.

Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is like a kitchen hallway. It consists of two parallel runs of units forming a hall or a corridor which is an efficient kitchen layout for small spaces. Galley designs enhance space by packing in storage abundance and work area.

Kitchen With Islands

A kitchen island layout for a kitchen is a functional and essential addition to a lot of kitchen space. But the overall idea is that you have to choose a kitchen island or a countertop which suits the overall design of your kitchen. In this way, you’ll have to select the most suitable countertop surface, colour, and accessories that would fit with your plan.


Building or renovating your kitchen can be complex by all means. But if you work for it and with the right professionals, you can achieve your goal in no time. Always keep in mind that the overall functionality of your kitchen will depend on your plan and decisions. It will all come down to your design.

Therefore, you need to plan thoroughly about your project and don’t think twice on hiring the right people to assist you with your needs. Consider these tips in achieving the best kitchen for your home.

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