10 Decor Pieces to Upgrade the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Bathroom

Illan Elberg
 | September 15, 2021

Some homeowners don’t think much about the look of their bathrooms. Unlike other rooms in their house that are well decorated and sufficiently furnished, these homeowners treat their bathroom as just a regular room to do everyday tasks such as bathing and pooping, not as a space for decoration.

However, there are benefits of decorating your bathroom. For instance, it makes the room functional, comfortable, and stylish. If you’re interested in decorating your bathroom, here are some pieces of decor that can surely transform it from being boring into one of the most interesting rooms in your home.


A basket is not only a useful receptacle to put your bathroom essentials like your towels and toilet papers, but it can also add an interesting feature to your bathroom. There are baskets that you can find in the market today that have creative designs and patterns made of natural woven material.

You can put these baskets on top of a small table on your bathroom area, or you can hang it from a hook if you don’t have enough floor space.


An excellent way to make your bathroom look stunning is to install an elegant and stylish flooring. For instance, you can have a nice set of tiles that come in modish designs that you like. It will be perfect if you match the style of the flooring with the design or colour of your bathroom walls.

Blue tiles, for example, can suit perfectly with blue bathroom walls. While tiles with ornate patterns can add a statement to the simplicity of plain or white walls. If your bathroom design is adorned with traditional decor elements, you can choose ceramic tile that looks like wood to match with the other decors in it.

Installation of new flooring to your bathroom will require you to hire a professional for the job. You can check home builders melbourne for more info.


Do you want your bathroom to achieve a more contemporary look? Then furnishing it with handle-less furniture can be a big help. Handle-less furniture means furniture pieces that have no protruding handles for its doors or drawers. Instead, you can open or access them by the groove or recess cut into the design of the furniture.

The practical design of handle-less furniture is an excellent addition in your modern, minimalist bathroom. Another good thing about this type of furniture is that you won’t worry as much about home accidents, especially when you have children playing inside your home.


Hand towels are not only useful for wiping, but also for interior styling. Displaying hand towels that have bold colours is the simplest way to level up the appearance of your bathroom. But if you don’t love bright colours, you can choose hand towels that have statement patterns. Adding a bit of element and texture in the overall decor of your bathroom is essential to make it attractive.


If you’re not a big fan of wall tiles, then shower wall panels is an awesome addition to your bathroom. Shower wall panels are waterproof, and you can choose from different designs and styles so it won’t be hard for you to find one that can suit your preference. Aside from shower wall panels, there are also panels for the ceiling of your bathroom.


A fragrant bathroom is surely every homeowner’s wish. If you want to keep your bathroom smelling fresh, then you should have candles in it as decor.

Nowadays, you can find candles in a beautifully designed container. Such candles are perfect not only to give off a fresh fragrance to your bathroom but also to improve its overall style. You can put three or four candles around your bathtub or your bathroom sink for that purpose.


It’s a feature of every bathroom to have a lighting fixture for you to do efficiently whatever bathroom tasks you have to do. Aside from its practical purpose, a lighting fixture can also serve as decor to create a certain mood for your bathroom.

The most popular bathroom lighting fixture is a chandelier. Chandeliers are elegant and fashionable, making it an excellent addition to your bathroom decor. Nowadays, you can find chandeliers in nifty designs that can fit your budget.

For instance, you can go for a chandelier that looks like a bouquet with bronze leaves and ceramic flowers, or you can choose a sparkling chandelier covered with glass crystals. There’s also chandelier covered with white beads if you want something simple.


Having some artwork in your bathroom is essential. It adds colour and character to the room, making it a complete attraction. You can have one or more artwork pieces in your bathroom, depending on the size of it. However, you should see to it that the artwork has a glass frame so that it won’t get easily damaged by the splash of water.


If you want to calm your mind while you’re in the bathroom, then you should have a single or few indoor plants in it. An indoor plant is a must in your home. If there’s a windowsill in your bathroom, you can place your indoor plant on it. You can also put it on top of a shelf or near your bathtub for added decoration.


If your bathroom has sufficient space to accommodate a freestanding bathtub, then go for it. Perhaps you have seen a freestanding clawfoot tub in traditional bathing areas? Actually, there are also other types of freestanding bathtubs that can suit well in modern bathrooms.

Pedestal tub, double slipper tub, and Japanese soaking tub are the favourites of homeowners nowadays. If you have a small bathroom area, you can go for corner freestanding tub as an alternative.


It’s a must that you put importance to the decor of your bathroom. Putting together the right decor elements can make your bathroom aesthetically appealing. If you want to gain some insights on what decor pieces to have in your bathroom, the things mentioned above will be a big help for that purpose.

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